William Hill Sponsors National Football Team

posted: December 03, 2012

The world of football is littered with advertisements. It seems that every team is willing to sell the last inch of free space to an advertiser for any price. These advertisers range from the top names such as Sony, LG and Samsung.

The latest trend over the last decade or so is the increase in of gambling operators who are going all in on football bandwagon. Most of these consist of the online casinos with all the major European brands trying to sponsor the top teams in the Europe.

The latest to jump on board is one of the largest online operators, William Hill. As of September 2012, William Hill is the official sponsor of the Scottish National Football team. The deal will go for 2 years and ends in 2014. The deal further marks William Hills’ commitment to Scottish football as they are already the sponsor of the Scottish Premier League.

With the 2014 World Cup coming up in a little over a year, William Hill hopes to ride the tails of the Scottish team all the way to Brazil. The chance to show off your name to a massive population is likely the reason for this deal.

Chief Marketing Office for William hill, Kristof Fahy had this to say about the news:

“It’s really exciting to be involved with the Scottish national team,’ and continued to add, “The road to Rio is going to be fascinating – and we’re hoping to support the Scottish national team all the way to a place in the World Cup finals in 2014.”

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