U.S Legalized Online Poker

posted: May 08, 2013

The first legal hand of online poker was dealt the first week of May 2013. Ultimate Poker is officially the first licensed online poker room in the United States having launched their real money poker games to Nevada residents.

The site, which is partly owned by the Fertitta brothers who also own the Ultimate Fighting Championship, plan to market the companies in conjunction with each other. 

The site is currently only available to those who are physically in the state of Nevada, but anyone in the world can register and even deposit money into an account. However, they can’t access the tables until they are actually inside state lines.

No official numbers have been released as to how many people have signed up for Ultimate Poker, but in less than a week, they dealt over 100,000 hands of real money poker which can be seen as a success.

The Fertitta brothers did say that they were more surprised at how many people outside state lines have created accounts with the plan to make playing on the site part of their trip to Vegas.

Ultimate Poker is part of Stations Casino which is inside Las Vegas and players can make deposits and even create an account at the cashier inside Stations Casino.

The brothers and Stations Casino plan to tie live gambling rewards with the online poker room. Players can earn money by playing live casino games and use those funds to play real money poker at Ultimate Poker.

It’s still very early, but the signs are strong that online poker in the states will be a success. Time will ultimately tell, but with more states looking to come online in the near future, the sky is the limit at the moment.

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