2012 Player of the Year

posted: January 14, 2013

Card Player Media has recently decided on their 2012 Poker Player of the Year. Avid internet gambler Greg Merson of the United States was awarded the industry giant’s top recognition. At just 24 years old, young Merson won two bracelets this past summer during the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. In addition to his age, what makes Greg Merson’s story unique is that he recently beat a severe drug addiction – just one year before his World Series of Poker victories. Merson plays throughout the year in online poker rooms and casinos and was able to hone his skills well enough to beat out some of the top players in the world in order to establish himself as a true contender in the poker scene.

Poker has become increasingly popular in South Africa over the past decade, and it exploded into the mainstream a few years back when Raymond Rahme, a South African poker star, finished third at the World Series of Poker in 2007. Since then, an increasing number of gamblers in the country have turned to poker games offered through the 38 licensed casinos throughout the nation and to online casinos operating poker rooms. Countless gamers prefer playing online, from home, citing the relaxed nature associated with it as the biggest advantage.

Both Card Player and other industry experts expect Greg Merson to continue strong in his poker career in 2013. With a combination of online poker playing and major tournament action, Merson can continue to move up in ranks of poker stars. Thanks to the surging popularity of online poker, amateur players from all over the world find it easier to hone their skills and get exposure to playing options that were not present in previous decades. With continued play and practice from home, many people have the opportunity to be the next Greg Merson or Raymond Rahme.

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