Facebook and Online Gambling

posted: January 14, 2013

It has been speculated for quite some time that the future of online casinos and gambling would involve transitioning into social media. Now, it looks as if that future is almost a reality. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site is in the works to begin allowing the first real money gambling application on their platform. At first it will only be available in the United Kingdom where they have lax laws regarding online casinos, but as laws change around the world they hope to expand to places such as the South Africa and the United States.

Initially, the only online gaming application will be created by a third-party company and will feature real money bingo games. Rather than diving into to full-fledged online casinos, Facebook hopes that widely accepted games such as bingo will not only transition the social networking giant into the online gambling realm, but will also ease consumer criticism along the way. While many anti-gambling groups have been critical of Facebook’s plans to partner with online casinos, the majority of Facebook users are all for it. Most people say that they enjoy the convenience of having the option to game online, if they so choose to, right at their fingertips.

While the original test market for Facebook’s online gambling application will only be the United Kingdom, plans to expand worldwide are in the works. Results from the bingo application test market and the progressive change of online gambling laws around the world will give reason for Facebook to expand its gambling offerings in the near future. Many experts expect that the transition into offering a full variety of online gaming options will take many years for the company to implement. It is not a quick process, but nearly all industry leaders agree that the future of online gambling lies in social networking.

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