Online Gaming Update - U.S.A

posted: December 02, 2012

The elections are finally over and Barack Obama (a known poker player himself) has been reelected to another 4 years. No more mudslinging, he said-she said commercials and YouTube videos. The world can finally move on with their lives. So now that the United States has voted on their president and other political seats that decide on which laws will be passed, how does this affect the gambling community? Yes, there are more pressing issues than gambling, but if you look deeper than just being able to gamble online, you will see that online gambling could be a solution to many of the economic problems they face.

Many feel that gambling will be a solid source of revenue for bankrupt states. Most of which that feel this way are the Democrats. In recent months leading up to the elections, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Jon Kyle (R-Ariz.) were pushing for new laws to allow online gambling in the United States.

The bill proposed has been reformed numerous times, but it basically supports online poker on its basis that it is a game of skill. Although the bill revolves around online poker, other states have went ahead and started to legalize the sale of online scratch cards, lotto tickets and other state run gambling ventures.

The bill has been stalled as of late with the elections, but now that the elections are over, the politicians can finally get off the campaign trail and back to work. The outlook is good for online gambling in the states, but it will take a little cooperation from both parties to get the bill through. And even if it is not done soon, we are already seeing states push their own laws through, specifically Nevada who has already legalized online poker. 

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