Massive Slots Payday

posted: December 02, 2012

Ever walk into a casino and see all the signs that display the huge jackpots for the slots? The signs are bright and popping with lights that lure you in with pretty numbers that could solve all your financial problems. Most of us never see them won and wonder if they ever actually payout. Is this all just a gimmick by the casinos to trick us into playing?

The truth is that you will likely be the one wondering if it really does exist because the odds of winning the jackpots are so high. This is why you rarely see someone win them. But, they do actually exist and casinos do actually pay the winnings.

Back on November 22nd, 2012, a man from Connecticut was playing a slot in the Foxwoods casino and resort when much to his surprise, he won the progressive jackpot. His name is Kenrick M. and he won a staggering $704,938 playing a penny slot!

While the odds of anyone winning these jackpots are in the hundreds of thousands, people still do win them. You can take a look at past winners Las Vegas and see for yourself. Within the last 2 months there has been over $3 million in jackpots awarded.

Online casinos are one of the best places to win jackpots because you can scout out the largest awards without walking around the casino floor. Next time you’re playing at an online casino try your luck at the slots and maybe you could be the next jackpot winner!

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